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28 juillet 2011 4 28 /07 /juillet /2011 16:00


Once upon a time, very far away, on the other side of the ocean, in a city called "the Big Apple", a beautiful gypsy and a nice warrior were living happily, in the middle of wonderful vintage clothes, tattooed skin, magical crystals, yummy sandwiches, funny dogs and magnificent feathers and dreamcatchers.

One day, nobody really knows why or how, they sent a little blue bird to deliver a love message to someone. The blue bird’s tweets fly across the cloudy sky and reached the ears of a little french girl. 

The little bird gave her two things with a black triangle printed on the paper : a letter and a little box.

In the little black box, there were 3 lovely pieces of symbolic jewellery : a sleeping cross, a yellow eye and some yellow quartz.

Her mission, should she choose to accept it, would be to spread the gypsy warrior love.  

All she had to do was to find the magical gypsy-warrior recipe to promote happiness and love.

The little girl had a very wide imagination but she was a bit afraid... What would happen if she couldn't find the spell ? She couldn't fail ! She really had to think of something clever !!

She had two lucky charms and a ring... What were they for ? Why was there no explanations inside the box or inside the enveloppe...

After a while, she noticed that maybe there was a clue... She was searching for something inside the box and inside the enveloppe, but what if it was not inside but on them that she had to take a closer glimpse ? This black Triangle could not be meaningless ! The triangle was obviously the key ! It has 3 edges and 3 corners, like she had 3 magic jewels ! Moreover, the triangle is a symbol of stability and energy, it refers to the divine trinity but it also has the shape of an arrow point. She had manage to figure it out !

The Citrine pendant would give her positive energy as well as help her stabilize her emotions.

The Yellow Eye pendant would be her lucky charm to protect herself against the arrows of the evil eye.

The sleeping cross would make the dreams of tolerance and peace between religions come true.

All she needed was to find a way to wake up the magical powers of the jewels, wear them and put her hands into the shape of a triangle to let the gypsy warrior love spread all around !

And that's what she did !

And she did so well that even people with hearts made of stones turned into marshmallow !

And you know what they say : there is no cure for love...


Thank you so much  Gypsy Warrior :)  (hope my english is not too bad ...!!)




gypsy-warrior 0050gypsy-warrior 0042-2gypsy-warrior 0154gypsy-warrior 0038gypsy-warrior 0108gypsy-warrior 0119gypsy-warrior 0075gypsy-warrior 0083gypsy-warrior 0098-2gypsy-warrior 0156gypsy-warrior 0126gypsy-warrior 0141gypsy-warrior 0135

Robe Vintage, lunettes de soleil et bijoux / Vintage Dress, sunglasses and jewellery Gypsy Warrior
Collants / Tights Henry Holland (McGallo Powaaa !) sur Urban Outfitters 
Chaussures / Shoes Foxy - Jeffrey Campbell

Musique : No cure for love, Window Sessions, Hannah Schneider

Photos & Vidéo : Laure McGalloway

Une vidéo et quelques photos, une petite histoire que j'ai écrite en (mauvais) anglais, pour qu'elle soit comprise par les deux personnes pour lesquelles je l'ai écrite et qui tiennent un ptit e-shop de vintage et de bijoux que je vous conseille d'aller visiter => Gypsy Warrior !

Si vous insistez, je prendrais le temps de la traduire ce week-end, ma ptite histoire, mais là, c'est mon anniversaire, j'ai envie de faire autre chose de ma journée, vous ne m'en voudrez pas ?

Et tant que j'y suis, je cherche justement une traductrice pour la rentrée, donc si vous maniez la langue de Shakespeare comme des pros et que vous avez envie de traduire mon verbiage (du français vers l'anglais cette fois-ci et moyennant rétribution bien sûr !), j'attends vos candidatures par mail :)

A très vite !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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Justine 24/08/2011 19:58

Ces photos sont magnifiques !

Cloé 16/08/2011 14:06

Serait intéressée pour le poste de traductrice :D

ludmilla 15/08/2011 21:58

j'adore ce post !le degre des couleurs sur les photos. magique et puis la tenue

Verbena 04/08/2011 16:34

Your english is not so bad ! ;)
Très sympa cet article, et Gypsy Warrior donne vraiment envie !

Je ne suis pas encore bilingue (j'espère y parvenir un jour !), mais si jamais tu as besoin de quelqu'un, ben je suis là :)
(Même si ton anglais est vraiment bien :))

Sur ce, bonne(s) continuation/journée/vacances !

Osiris-Fan-de-ce-Blog :3 03/08/2011 19:35

Illuminati ?:3

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