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  • Yumi Fairytale....

    20 avril 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    Première page dédiée à la fameuse robe Yumi / Mina portée à plusieurs reprises par Sienna Miller. Je n'ai ni sa blondeur, ni ses longues jambes mais j'adore cette mini dress qui est aussi très sympa portée en tunique sur un slim... Plus de photos dans...

  • I heart Yumi !

    20 avril 2009 ( #♥ OUTFITS ♥ )

    Deuxième tenue, deuxième robe yumi ! Don't worry, j'ai aussi d'autres choses que des robes yumi ! Mais je dois avouer que je craque pour cette marque très printanière et très "celeb" ! A bientôt ! Robe Yumi / cardigan Zara Basic / Denim Leggings by Zara...


    24 avril 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    Pourquoi les sacs oversize sont-ils indémodables ? Parce qu'une femme peut y ranger toute sa fantaisie ! Entre kit de survie et bazar accumulé, entre vraiment indispensable et complétement superflu, mon sac pèse souvent très lourd.... autant dire qu'il...

  • Fashion Web Event

    28 avril 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    Une magnifique collection sur www.TOPSHOP.CO.UK depuis ce matin (à mon sens plus réussie que la dernière de Kate MOSS et pourtant, je suis une inconditionnelle) : précipitez vous ! Personnellement, j'ai craqué pour un ptit foulard en soie et pour ce Marcel...


    29 avril 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    My blog is now billingual ! I've decided to translate what I write in english as well. Hopefully it will permit me to touch a wider range of fashionistas around the world !! Moreover, I thought it was a necessary tribute to the british people because...

  • The day I left Chloé for Miss Dior Chérie....

    29 avril 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    After many years living as a White Musk from Body Shop addict, after a few months smelling the Prada Infusion d'iris, I was having a nice relationship with Chloé, met around a christmas tree in 2008. But yesterday, as I was bargain hunting during my lunch...

  • poopoopidoo !

    30 avril 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    The French Fashion magazines said last week that Marilyn Monroe was still a fashion icon, statement proved by showing us this wonderful Dolce&Gabbana Dress from the Milan Fashion Week. As lovely as this dress is, I can't afford it and I can't even picture...

  • Midnight Landscape

    04 mai 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    Just a few pics from my week-end in the deep french countryside !!! Hope you like this dress (the same as Keira Knithley..) I love it... I just wish my shoes were as successfull.... Everybody found bad jokes about them...like "What's the point of having...

  • Summer BuBBle !

    05 mai 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    Sugar, Ice Cream, Fruit Bubble Gum, Marshmallow.... In fact, inspired by THE **wonderful*** bag my very very dear friend Alice* made especially for me, I wanted to wear an outfit that smells like a vintage candyshop... And that's what came out of my twisted...

  • I ♥ Erotokritos

    07 mai 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    I just couldn't wait to show you this amazing dress that I bought yesterday ! I love it I love it I love it ! Be patient, more pictures soon ! Je ne pouvais pas attendre de vous montrer cette étonnante robe achetée hier ! je l'adore je l'adore je l'adore...

  • Dari Meya's flower power

    10 mai 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    After the great beginning of the festival season (Rock'n Solex, Rennes, Brittany), I wanted to go back to some old favourites ! A flower dress, pixie boots, a tan leather jacket and a nice basket and I am ready to dance on good music, laughing with friends.......

  • Yumi again !

    11 mai 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    After 6 and a half years together, my boyfriend bought me clothes for the first time !!! I mean, usually, if he buys me clothes, that's because I'm here and I ask him to... But he never had the idea to buy a dress for a surprise ! A few weeks ago, he...

  • cOral seA

    11 mai 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    Another Dari Meya dress for you tonight !!! This one is coral : one of the must-have for this summer. That's great for me because coral is a colour that usually fits me well.... I'm so tired I had grey skin this morning... but with this dress, seriously,...

  • Strawberry & Cream

    18 mai 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    SPECIAL GUEST : Cécile alias Romy, my best friend ! I'm so glad to have spent time with my sweet russian doll this week end !! but no time to write a story : just look at the pictures in the Outfits & Pictures section ! PS : Don't you love my shoes ?...

  • Parisian Babes

    19 mai 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    Thi s week end in Paris was really awesome ! Here you have our outfits for a Birthday Party... SPOILER ALERT : COMING SOON : PAULINE'S TIPS, a new section for this blog in order to tell you some "bargain hunting secrets" !! Ce week end à Paris était véritablement...

  • PARIS ♥♥ Bargain Hunting Tip n°1

    21 mai 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    ça y est ! la rubrique Pauline's Tips est inaugurée !!! Premier Bargain Hunting Tip : LE STOCK MAJE !! Dans le 14ème, entre le 44 avenue du général Leclerc et la boutique Minelli, métro Mouton Duvernet. => dans ce boui boui (deux boutiques de destockage...


    23 mai 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    Je suis inscrite sur le concours des blogs mode Cosmopolitan !!! Soyez nombreux à voter pour moi ! Il vous suffit de cliquer sur le macaron Cosmo et de voter pour votre candidate préférée : la 91ème !!!! Vous pouvez voter une fois par jour !! ne vous...

  • Swiss Electric Blue Playsuit

    23 mai 2009 ( #♥ OUTFITS ♥ )

    I love plays uits and I love a deep flashy blue outfit.... When both are together, here's what you may get ! A style that reminds of the gym classes in the eighties ! Do not forget to vote for me once a day for the cosmo fashion blogs contest J'adore...

  • I ♥ Erotokritos

    24 mai 2009 ( #♥ OUTFITS ♥ )

    I just love when designers collaborate with cheap brands !!! Like this Erotokritos wonderful dress for Monoprix : 80 litlle euros for this masterpiece dress, between Navy Style and Art Deco : so trendy ! Hope you like it ! J'adore quand les designers...

  • Spacer

    25 mai 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    Do you remember this old song.... "He's a spa-acer... a star cha-aser !" ? With Sheila dancing in a silver outfit that looked like a condom ?? hahahahaha.... Anyway, that's what I had in mind wearing this silver leather jacket and flats.... Hope you like...

  • I ♥ UK !

    26 mai 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    I already told you how much I miss living in the UK... So, this is my tribute to the Union Jack !!!! If you would like to feel like an english young woman, asos.co.uk and topshop.co.uk are there to help !!! You can buy yourself great clothes and accessories...

  • so 2009 !!

    27 mai 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    This outfit is so 2009 !! Let's "analyse" : - Haarem Pants, not new at all but before, it was only for new hippies - Derbies, not new at all either, but a few months ago, wearing brogue shoes was a dangerous risk if you did not want everybody to think...

  • Denim dresses are back !

    28 mai 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    Can you imagine how surprised I was when, just before uploading these pictures this morning, I checked my e-mails and found the Asos Newsletter : they were talking about denim dresses : just the day I wanted to show you my new cheap and marvellous denim...

  • Great minds think alike....

    28 mai 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    Just a quick post because what just happens is stunning ! I just receive the Topshop Newsletter of today and take a look.... it's also about denim dresses !!!! Like my today's outfit !!! I really think Topshop and Asos are inspired by my little blog..........

  • Confessions of a shopaholic

    29 mai 2009 ( #TEMPO )

    No outfit pics today... But I can show you what I bought yesterday, just before going to the movies to watch "Confessions of a Shopaholic"... how ironic ! (by the way, even if this is not a masterpiece, I advise all the shopaholics to watch it.... It's...

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